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班主任  许永富




Dear leaders,teachers and students,

For two years, I have a dream—to deliver a speech to my first Sino-Canadian students in English in the graduation ceremony. Today my dream comes true! I'm excited for myself, more for my students.

Two years ago, I came back from Beijing to Jiangxi, becoming a part of Nanchang NO.2 high school. On the first day, President Mrs. Wu gave me a mission: To be the head teacher of the first Sino-Canadian Class. I asked my colleague: am I demoted or am I put into an important position? He smiled and told me that shouldering the responsibility of this programme means the school trust you. So, here, I want to say thank you to school for trusting me my capability to do this job.

On many occasions, I have said to the students and parents, we will put all our heart and energy into this programme, especially the education of my students. Because I know that my students and parents, who are the first man to eat crab need our words and actions. Education relys on the conscience. Great success largely depends on Your resolution . During two years’ woking together with my Canadian teachers and my students, despite the hardship, I stick to my principle and belief. In return ,pains and joys haved helped me experience a different life that has never occurred to me, and the unforgettable moment is coming.

My dear students, do you remember what I always said to you? ---I envy you guys. You have capable parents that love you so much, catching the first bus of the Sino-Canadian program in an excellent high school in Jiangxi, meeting the teachers who was devoted to work heartily... Your success is the result of various factors, I suggest giving a sincere applause for those people who helped you and supported you!

And do you remember other words I have said before? I very like you guys. Recently, I have always missed the students who have quitted this program; they are supposed to attend this graduation like you guys if they hold on in the program until today. But for many reasons, they missed this good opportunity, and didn't finish this special career . So today, here ,all students present here doesn’t come easy, I want to congratulate you who have reached the ending. What you have gained from the program is not only the graduation, and also spiritual wealth---- perseverance, responsible and unyeilding.

It's so hard to say goodbye. You guys will leave here, going to a new school, meet new teachers and classmates. I am reluctant to see the departing scene. But I know that young people should have strong ambition to go far beyond what he had. If you choose the sky, please fly high like a hawk, the sky belongs to your wings. I hope you will continue your journey with courage, strength and ability to overcome the difficulties and achieve more progress and success. Do not forget to pass on a message when the good news comes, because here will always be your home, and have people who always and will support you forverer!

I will quote the last words from lyrics of “Mother" to end today’s speech...ah, wherever you go, whatever you do, don't forget our mother.